Where to Communicate Your Brand Message So Your Audience Will Hear it

Where to Communicate Your Network Marketing Brand Message

Your brand message will resonate only with your ideal customers. You’ve identified them through demographics, their wants, their needs, and their problems. 

But do you know where they actually are?  

What online channels do they prefer? Do they like visiting websites, or  are they social addicts spending their time on Facebook and Instagram? Do they watch videos while commuting, or listen to podcasts? 

Your personal brand message will fall on deaf ears if you’re publishing it on the wrong channels!

Finding the Right Channels for Your Brand Message

If you want your brand message to be heard, you will have to find out where your audience prefers to be. But that’s not the only important thing! Where and how you publish your content should depend on two variables:

  • Your audience’s tastes – What type of content do they like most and where do they search for it?
  • Your capacity to publish – How much you can create without overextending your content creating abilities.  

By identifying your target market and really getting to know them you will discover even their specific tastes. You’ll find out what media type they prefer and how often they’d like to see new content from you.

10 Ways To Stand Out Online As A Network Marketer

Don't Burn Out

Before you dig into creating Instagram Stories or Facebook Live videos, however, you’ll also need to consider your capacity to publish. Can you publish as much as they want, and can you cover all those channels well? 

Burnout is common for new network marketers who try to do everything at once. But it can demotivate you and stop your network marketing dead in its tracks. While focusing on the right channels is important, so is future-proofing. Remember that you can’t market to everyone, so choose those who you CAN market to. 

Here are some tips for communicating your brand message so your audience will hear it:

Personal Branding Through Your Blog

Whatever content strategy you decide upon, you need to at least have a blog. It’s your content strategy basis and helps you shape your voice and tone in writing longer pieces of content. 

A blog allows you to publish regular articles for your audience, and gives them a place to engage with you through the comments section. So, make sure to reply in a timely manner every time somebody comments on your post. 

Another major benefit of blogging is that fresh content helps to attract new people through search engines like Google. Search engines love websites that are regularly updated with quality content. 

Spread the Word on Social Media

No personal brand is complete without a good social media presence. It’s an essential means to make people aware of your personal brand, not to mention all the tools you get as a business page on sites like Facebook. 

It’s also the closest your audience can get to directly talking to you. It’s more personal than emails or reading your blog. They are talking to YOU, and you’re shaping their experiences with your brand in real-time. 

Build an engaged audience on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and get to know your audience well. Interact with them on a personal basis and use the platform to let them know whenever you’ve published something new on your blog and on other channels. 

Don’t Forget Multimedia

Network marketers tend to fear multimedia content like videos and audio, but this is what your audience wants. It’s not just about a picture of you anymore; it’s you in all your glory your voice and your persona is the embodiment of your brand! No wonder it’s scary. What if you disappoint with your video and people think less of you? 

Don’t let these kind of thoughts hold you back, though. People are tired of picture-perfect presentations, and seeing the person beyond the brand is something they crave for. It gives them a feeling of authenticity. 

Go beyond blog posts and articles audio, video, and visual content will help you reach more people. Multimedia content attracts a wider audience who enjoys different types of content formats. Give it a try with a podcast or a Facebook Live video. 

Expand Your Audience as a Guest

Your brand message will be heard by more people if you appear in the content of other creators and it will expand your audience. This type of content can range from guest blogging on other sites to organizing a collaboration.

Try getting interviewed by other people with personal brands or do a video collaboration with them. This not only gives you a chance to share your expertise but also helps you to potentially reach a new audience.

Where your audience likes to spend their time online determines where you should blast your brand message the most. Allow these channels to be the focus of your marketing efforts and remember to do it well or focus just on one channel to start.

Ready to stand out online? Check out 10 Ways to Stand Out Online As A Network Marketer by clicking the image below:

10 Ways To Stand Out Online As A Network Marketer



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