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I have been getting a lot of questions on what equipment I use for my livestream videos or what is needed for someone who is just starting out with live video, so I wanted to share what I currently use.

If you are just starting out with livestream, don’t let equipment hold you back. You only need a smartphone to get started. Below, I share what I use for my livestreams, nothing fancy, plus some additional equipment you can upgrade to when you are further along and as your budget grows. I’ll link everything I use below, so you can research and check them out for yourself.

What equipment to use for livestream


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First, let’s talk about your livestream location. It doesn’t fall under equipment, but it can be important if you are using natural light as your lighting source. Don’t get wrapped up in what to put in your space. Your content is the most important part of your livestream, plus what you have around you can be distracting to your audience. I follow someone who has a gray wall and white pillow behind them and that’s all.

If you are using a space for natural light, you’ll want your light to be at 45 degrees or in front of you.


I use a cheap 50 inch tripod I purchased from Amazon for $10 called Xit XT50TRS 50-Inch Pro Series. It’s great if you are sitting down for your videos. If you are wanting to stand for your livestreams, you can put this tripod on top of a small table or box, or you can purchase a taller one. To use this tripod with your phone, you’ll need to get a smartphone mount. The one I use is by ChargerCity and is available on Amazon for $13. I did find a less expensive bundle option by Xiner, which includes a tripod, phone mount, and Bluetooth remote for $17 on Amazon.


As I mentioned above, I have natural lighting by my space, but I also use a selfie light ring for times when the lighting is not as ideal. The one I use is $9 on Amazon.

If you are only using natural light, you’ll want your lighting coming from a 45 degree angle or right in front of you.

Let’s talk about some lighting upgrade options. One is the LimoStudio Softbox Lighting Kit. It includes two light stands, bulbs and a carrying case, so you can tuck them away when you are not using them. This lighting kit is available on Amazon for $76. One complaint I’ve heard is that they are not adjustable.

Another upgrade option is the Diva Ring Light, which is especially great for doing makeup tutorials. It is available on Amazon for $199 and you’ll also need to purchase a stand since it is currently sold separately. There’s a stand by CowboyStudio for $20, so your investment would be $219. You definitely don’t need this starting out unless you have a larger budget.


I don’t use a microphone when I’m doing my livestreams unless I have some background noise I’m trying to avoid. I recommend testing out your sound first to see if you need one. The microphone I have is a clip on one for smartphones by BOYA and is on Amazon for $20.

That’s it for equipment I use during my livestreams. As you can see, I keep it really simple.

Be sure to download the free checklist to get the links to the products I mentioned above, so you can get what you need to start livestreaming no matter what your budget is. You can download the FREE Livestream Equipment Checklist by filling out the form below.


Download my FREE Livestream Equipment Checklist below

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