How To Make Sales From Your Network Marketing Email List

How To Make Sales From Your Network Marketing Email List

You have a really healthy email list and you’re nurturing them, but are you struggling to find a strategy on how to actually convert your subscribers into clients? 

Email, when done right, is a brilliant conversion tool. The Custora E-Commerce Pulse benchmark showed that email is a strong contender when it comes to sales. Out of all the transactions, email accounted for 19.8% of them, and only paid search with 19.9% and organic traffic with 21.8% were above it!

So, as with many other things you must do as a network marketer, your emails have to be personal and segmented. But what other things can you do to bump that conversion rate?

Here are a few of my favorite tricks:

1. Always be mobile-friendly

People use their phones more than any other device to browse the web, especially to check their emails.

Almost two-thirds of all marketing emails are opened on mobile devices, according to Campaign Monitor, and users check their email three times more on mobile, so make sure your emails are ready for any device.

This means shorter subject lines (up to 30 characters), relevant pre-header texts, being concise and to the point with all of your content, and having visuals to help easily zoom in on the main point.

2. Use clear CTAs and direct links

Use a clear CTA (call-to-action), so readers know what their next move is, something simple like ‘click here for’. Be sure to hyperlink the text and make it bold so it stands out!

3. Add “Buy” buttons

Instead of relying on text links only, have a button that will link to a product or service purchase right in the email. A button is also more prominent and easier to locate when reading through the email, and it’s a neat shortcut to get subscribers down your funnel faster.

4. Link you images

Where applicable, add links to images of the products or service to take readers right to the purchasing process. The product visuals help them recall what they intended to buy much faster. 

These links are especially important for smaller devices – phones and tablets – where the tap areas are somewhat limited, so it’s easier to tap on an image link than a text link. Plus, people tend to associate clicking on images with a ‘give it to me’ attitude so they’re more likely to convert!

5. Have a consistent voice

As a network marketer, everything you do revolves around branding, especially because you’re selling products and services that many others do too, so it’s your personal branding that makes you unique.

Your voice and tone are your selling point, so make sure your emails are consistent so your audience recognizes you instantly.


6. Get people involved

If you have a number of warm leads who like to interact but they haven’t made a decision to buy yet, create a separate email sequence for them and get them involved.

For example, ask for their feedback or suggestions on a specific product/service you see they are interested in.

That way, you will drive engagement further, which will make them more likely to buy since you’re taking a real interest in their pain points and opinions. Plus it’s an excellent way to learn about your whole process. Maybe you’re missing an explanation email somewhere, are your CTAs unclear? Just because a subscriber doesn’t purchase, doesn’t mean they aren’t valuable!

7. Give for free and upsell later

Have a set of special freebie offers that you will use for an upsell you have set up for later.

After they tried the free option, get them engaged by asking a bit of feedback, and based on the feedback, you can then continue with a paid upsell sequence.

Since they already tried your service/product, they are more likely to pay for it if they like it. If your subscribers opted in by getting your freebie, build on it, and remind them what you gave them.

‘Do you remember in your free eBook when I told you…?’

‘How was the checklist? Have you made your way through it?’

All of these things remind them of the value you provided already and brings you back front and center of their mind.

8. Develop a personal connection

Is your nurture sequence too short? Have you developed a personal connection that gets them engaged yet? This tends to be one of the bigger problems in marketing in general. Many get a free opt-in and then will be sold something different 1 or 2 emails later.

If you think you haven’t nurtured enough, add another email to your sequence and do some split testing to see!

9. Avoid clickbait

An eye-catching headline is the most important factor for open rates, but clickbaity, misleading headlines will make people avoid opening your emails in the future, maybe even mark your emails as spam and fall out of the funnel.

It’ll completely damage your brand!

Instead, go for a nice and catchy headline that gives them a good hint of what they can expect from the email.

10. Measure you KPIs

Finally, if you want to have successful conversions and sales, you need to measure everything.

The clickthrough rate, conversion rate, and bounce rate are the most important KPIs (key performance indicators) to start with if you want to see how well your emails are doing.

When you have base numbers, you can test and tweak different strategies and see how well they pan out!

Conversion can be tricky and take time. Remember that everyone is different and responds to things at different rates! How’s your conversion rate currently? I’d love to know in the comments!

Need more help? Download my free “Email Follow-Up Planner” below to map out your nurture sequence today!


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