What to Talk About & How to Structure a Facebook LIVE as a Network Marketer

Facebook Live for Network Marketers: What to Talk About & How to Structure It

Incorporating Facebook LIVE into your strategy is an excellent idea to boost engagement from your audience and actually reach them on Facebook. But it creates the overwhelming issue of how to make this a reality. Many network marketers and direct sellers struggle with what you should talk about during your live broadcast, but structuring can make this easier and avoid forgetting key points. Let’s look at the structure of a Facebook LIVE, and some ideas on what to talk about.

What to Talk About & How to Structure a Facebook LIVE as a Network Marketer

Your Facebook Live Structure

1. Get them hooked – One of the biggest mistakes is people start off slow, and this can have their audience clicking off straight away. Immediately jump straight in with promises of what’s to come and what you’ll be talking about to make them stick around.

2. An introduction – Now give the full overview of the points you’ll cover and a rough order. This is where pre-planning comes in.

3. Mention any promotions – Many like to mention they’ll be giving a promotion or offer near the end of their live to retain attention, but you could periodically mention codes or discounts throughout, particularly if the Facebook LIVE is about these products.

4. The core of your live broadcast – This is the main section and the whole point of the live. Make sure that you’re addressing all the areas you discuss in the introduction and go into as much detail as needed, taking breaks to interact with your audience, and, if possible, answer questions. Add notes or a cheat-sheet in front of you, so you don’t forget anything.

5. End with a call-to-action – When you’re wrapping up your event, provide the logical next steps for your viewers. They will be interested and excited about the products or services you offer, so make sure to lead them to the next step – clicking a link or button, or going to your website, messaging you, emailing you, and so on. Remember, when you want your audience to do something, make sure to guide them in that direction.

How to do your first live video

Top Tips

Repeat Important Information During Broadcasting

Not all your viewers will be there from the very start, so make sure to re-introduce relevant things to those who are just tuning in. Repeat the topic, introduce yourself, and shortly explain what you’re talking about at that moment and the things that you already covered. Just keep it brief for those who are committed the whole way through.

Decide How You’ll Answer Questions

Are you going to address people as they ask, pause at intervals, or wait until the end? It’s important to establish this beforehand so that you don’t get confused or sidetracked. Just make sure you address them; there’s nothing worse than a question or comment falling on deaf ears. Live broadcasts and streams should be a two-way street. You might be talking, but your audience will also be commenting at the same time.

Although it can be tough and distracting until you get the hang of it, make sure to acknowledge the comments and respond to any questions your viewers might throw your way. This keeps your viewers engaged. Some of the ways to do this include:

  • Be likable and genuine – Smile often and have a positive attitude.
  • Make it personal – When responding to questions and comments, make sure to mention the name of the person who commented. Everyone loves a shout out.
  • Establish a connection – Tell a real-life story or experience – this is the perfect way to connect. 

Preparation Is Everything

Quite a lot goes into a Facebook LIVE, and it’s highly unlikely you can just jump straight on and get everything you need to. Prepare in advance and give notification of your Facebook LIVE, so you can attract as many of your audience as you can.

What to Talk About

The topic of your Facebook Live event should be interesting and valuable to your audience. To deliver this, you must know your audience – their habits, preferences, interests, and, most especially, their problems. The aim is to offer your services and products as solutions.

You can host a live event to:

  • Demonstrate how your products work (and make life easier)
  • Announce sales and promotions (bargains, deals, and free stuff)
  • Discuss exciting new products
  • Offer behind-the-scenes footage
  • Share personal tips that helped you succeed and adventures that helped you grow
  • Talk about your experiences and real-life stories that you can relate with your published content and posts.

15 Facebook Live Ideas for Network Marketers

You'll want to come up with engaging content consistently, so here are 15 ideas to get you started:

1. What led you to your journey to now and why you chose the brand you’re representing.

2. A day in the life. Discuss your daily routine (including any relevant products) and how you use them day-to-day.

3. Product highlight. Feature your favorite out of the range and different uses or applications for it. Think outside the box.

4. How-to tutorial on the best way to use a certain type of product, like a professional.

5. Problem highlight. Address a specific problem that your product solves; go into depth.

6. Interview a higher-level network marketer or others who have found success with your brand. Alternatively, do a Q&A where the audience asks questions.

7. Live stream from a local event or exciting location.

8. Share a motivational or inspirational story.

9. Share what you’ve learned or pro tips in the industry.

10. Do an exclusive Facebook LIVE for a private group.

11. Guest LIVE on other pages and be the interviewee.

12. Host a contest, giveaway, or big promotion.

13. Link a recent news story or topic to your brand or products.

14. Share big news or exclusive sneak peeks.

15. Show a customer testimonial or case study on how amazing your products are.

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How to do your first live video



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