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Facebook LIVE is an effective method network marketers can use to reach your audience because it has the widest reach when compared to simple text and image posts. While the latter might be a great way to stay in touch with your followers on Facebook, not all of them will be seen. But this means creating content for this specific type of social media and you need to go in with an action plan. This all starts with the type of Facebook LIVE you’re going for, so let’s look at your different options:

Different Facebook Live Content Options for Network Marketers

What Type of a Facebook Live Content Should I Do?

Personal Journey/Transformation

Although you might think this is synonymous with only the health, weight loss or fitness niche, it doesn’t have to be. You can adapt your Facebook LIVE to discuss how and why you got started with the brand or products you are with now. Discussing your struggles and even mindset transformations can show your journey and creates a personal connection that resonates with your audience. If you owe your success or your personal growth to the brand you’re representing, then let it show in one of these types of Facebook LIVEs. 

Product Tutorial

A fun way to show off your product ranges in action is to have a LIVE tutorial. These create brand trust because users can see an un-edited and real-time feed of what your product can do. Plus, in a LIVE, you can answer questions or showcase areas your watchers specifically request so you can tailor the experience to them. These are particularly popular for the makeup niche where you can show off how to create a specific look with your products. 

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

Once you’re gaining more traction and getting more viewers while you’re live, doing a question and answer session can be really beneficial to engage with your audience. It helps answer any questions they may have about your products, the problems their having or even if they want to get to know you better. Don’t be afraid to ask them questions too and get some data or feedback on what you’ve been doing or what they would like to see next. Just be sure to ask specific questions that are easy to answer (and react to) in the comments section.

How to do your first live video


These are the type of videos that offer more insight and are usually to give value and build a relationship rather than selling products or marketing specifically. The aim is to educate on topics within your industry to show your experience, authority and knowledge on a subject to bolster trust with your audience. For example, if you’re operating in the health industry, you could do an educational Facebook LIVE on ‘what drinking 64 oz of water everyday could do for your skin and health’ which is an area many people aren’t aware of.

Customer Testimonial/ Case Study

The best kind of marketing is word of mouth and referrals! They are already doing the job for you and people are more likely to convert if a friend or family member recommend them. If you have an established customer base that already loves your products or services, you can invite a customer or two (or more) and have a live broadcast where they speak about your products, or more specifically, why they love them so much.

You can also opt for a case study where you explain how your products or services made all the difference, like the personal journey or transformation content, but from a new perspective. Just make sure this is backed up by real data and real people.

Interview an Influencer

Particularly in the network marketing industry, this can be an excellent way to bolster your brand and show off success above your own. Bring a guest on your Facebook LIVE, even if it’s remotely in order to ask them questions you’ve been dying to ask and offer different expertise to your audience. It’s best to plan some questions ahead of time to get underway, but make it more exciting by allowing a short Q&A with your audience at the end.


A motivational live video aims to help viewers who feel stuck in some way. Those who provide motivation and inspiration to others make their brands more memorable and develop better relationships because of the way they make people feel. Remember with these types to still have a message and actionable ways people can get out of their slump so that you’re helping too.

Whatever type of Facebook LIVE content you choose, just make sure it’s interesting and provides value in some way. Over time, you’ll find you can see which types get more engagement with your audience, but for now, if you’re just getting started, check out the Your First Time Challenge below. Click on the image to sign up!

How to do your first live video


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