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Carve It Out Coworking ⏳

Are you ready to make intentional strides in your business journey?

Welcome to “Carve it Out CoWorking” – a dedicated space where you can carve out time specifically to work on your business, not just in it.

starting March 14th

free coworking community for aspiring and established online entrepreneurs

every other Thursday from 9:30am PT – 11am PT

New to coworking?

It's like being part of a super chill study group, but for your work or even personal tasks!

Imagine this: You hop onto a virtual space with fellow entrepreneurs, everyone's got their tasks lined up, and we're all there to vibe off each other's productive energy. It's that simple.

Virtual Coworking

🔍 Focused Work Time:

The sessions are about 90 minutes total, with a 20ish minute break in the middle for office hours/chatting. It's a couple dedicated time blocks to dive into your to-do list. No distractions, just you and your tasks.

🤝 Meet New Friends:

Being an online entrepreneur can be lonely at times, especially if you're an introverted hermit like me. (Oh! Is that just me? 😃) It's a bit like those study groups where you randomly become besties with someone over a shared struggle or a win. Connections happen!

🕒 JoAn's Free Office Hours:

Think of it as having a study group TA or tutor, but for your business questions. Ask me anything you want, from website platforms, email marketing, digital product design, mindset, to whatever comes to mind.

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