Attracting Your Ideal Subscriber 
(With The Perfect Freebie)

Attracting Your Ideal Subscriber 
(With The Perfect Freebie)

Trying to get subscribers for your email lists can take a lot of time! But one of the quickest ways to bump your numbers with decent potential leads is by offering a freebie (also known as a lead magnet or opt-in)

The premise is simple, offer something valuable that they want, and they are more likely to trade their email address for it! But there is a caveat here. You want to attract your IDEAL subscriber.

Not just anybody! Otherwise, they aren’t going to convert in your pipeline later on.

So you need to come up with the perfect freebie topic first! (I have a blog post about this here.)

Got your topic? Good.

Let’s look at ideas for freebies that you can use to attract your ideal subscriber.

Attracting Your Ideal Subscriber 
(With The Perfect Freebie)

The #1 Rule For Freebies & Opt-ins

Whether or not you already use social media, the number one thing you have to remember is that social platforms can change at the drop of a hat. There have been plenty of times where people have had their groups/pages/accounts closed with no warning and it’s perfectly legal for social media platforms to do this.

And then where will your business be? It’s important to have an email list, something that is yours that can actually ensure a steady cash flow!

But that’s not the only reason for an email list! If you’re still not convinced, here are several more…


E-books are a very common freebie, but just because many network marketers are offering them doesn’t mean you shouldn’t too.

That said, the key to an eBook that converts is depth and specificity! It should cover everything you can think of on your specific topic that someone would ask. Now, to avoid writing a novel you need to make sure you have narrowed down exactly what you want to write about!

The easiest way to do this is to specifically discuss the number one problem your product or service solves. Or the USP (unique selling proposition) of the brand you represent (e.g. organic, no animal testing, etc.) EBooks provide value because of the amount of information they make available at your fingertips. Just make sure it’s easy to read and breaks things down fully in the contents for easy referencing.

Ideal subscriber, it’s best for: People who are always busy and don’t have time to research a topic on their own, but want to know all the details about it before making a decision (risk-averse)!

Checklist, Planners and Calendars

A checklist doesn’t sound like it’s worth much, but a planner or calendar represents organization and time saved, which puts it into another perspective doesn’t it? This is exactly why they provide value. Instead of having to plan and strategize on their own, you offer them a finished checklist they can start using immediately.

How much would you pay for someone to take away your biggest time-sucking task with a planner or checklist that outlines everything for you?

A branded calendar is a great option if you know your visitors have a lot on their plates and need to organize their day, week, or month. If you combine it with a planner so they can write their personal schedules without being constrained by the calendar-only format.

Ideal subscriber, it’s best for: People who need help getting organized and you can solve a time-sucking problem for them.


Worksheets and Workbooks

If you’re coaching your clients and visitors in any way, worksheets or workbooks will be invaluable to help them on their journey. A worksheet helps them stay on track with their progress, write in notes about reached goals, or mentions of slip-ups. You can add a few motivational quotes into the sheet or book to help people get through a bad day.

Ideal subscriber, it’s best for: People looking to make big, positive changes, but don’t know how (e.g. weight loss, new business owners.) If you can make the journey easier for them with your freebie you’ll create very, very strong brand loyalty!

Workshops and Webinars

The sheer value that workshops and webinars give to attendees is unmatched by any other freebie, and the value goes both ways.

They are highly flexible and depending on the number of signups, you can go for group or one-on-one sessions.

It’s a perfect way to create a genuine connection with the audience, as well as gain some insight. You’ll be there live, answering questions from the audience and interacting in a friendly, laid-back way!

Ideal subscriber, it’s best for: Products or services that can be highly shown off (e.g. expertise or technology) as well as potential clients who have a tendency to ask a lot of questions.

When it comes to attracting your ideal subscriber, it’s likely a simple ‘subscribe’ button won’t do much for growing your list. Understand your target audience fully and you’ll already be halfway towards your perfect freebie!

Are you ready to start? Make sure to download my free “Email Follow-Up Planner” below and get started on growing your email list today!


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